Mobile Drupal

The number of mobile users worldwide is a little more than 2.8 billion and the user-base is only growing bigger.

We would like to bring drupalers attention to this statistic, because it is important that we develop our sites to be compatible across multiple platforms, not just the desktop. And with this in mind, we have dedicated this section to help you create and design your drupal site. Users are encouraged to contribute with any relevant articles as well or feel free to ask questions.

You may start by getting the theme Mobi from

and the module mobi_loader from

The role of the mobi_loader module is to check if the end-user is trying to access your site (say using When this occurs, it loads the mobi theme, else it loads the default standard theme you specify.

You may also use the mobi theme by itself, but your content will have to be designed with mobile based access in mind.

There is also a standalone mobile theme currently available for download.

Detailed help and more mobile-friendly themes will be posted soon.