Drupal Tidbits

Enabling compression for drupal on Windows IIS

Backup existing configuration:

Set up drupal on Windows

Drupal can be installed locally on a Windows machine as a local test version.

Drupal offered on Microsoft web platform

Microsoft will enable users to easily install drupal with their offering - "Microsoft Web Platform". This is great news since Windows users will now be able to get the latest version of drupal directly from the Web Application Installer. The install process is supposed to be fairly simple according to the MS site, but there are bound to be issues. We'll be posting an online tutorial for this process with pictures if there is a demand for it and encourage users to post any problems they face with the automated installer.

Upgrading from drupal 5 to drupal 6

Noticed that a lot of people are having difficulty in upgrading from drupal 5 to drupal 6 and this post tries to address this process in 15 steps.